Wood Floor Restoration Birmingham

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    Wood Floor Restoration Birmingham


    We repair damaged areas by lifting the damaged floors, securing loose boards, and refitting or replacing old boards or parquet blocks and then re-gluing.


    Wood floor sanding prepares the floors for resealing. Sanding is the mechanical removal of the existing protective layer of your floor, be it Varnish or Oil and makes its surface smooth, clean and flat. For more information on Floor Sanding in Birmingham, please see our Sanding Page.


    After sanding we apply three coats of a wooden floor seal to protect the wooden floor. This is done, again with a specialist tool to achieve a clean, perfect, finish. At this point we don’t advise for any furniture to be placed upon the floor until 24hrs after the last coat of wooden floor seal has been applied. Curing of the wooden floor seal is very important, as we only use water based seal the drying time is dependent upon the humidity of the room. Using a water based seal is better as it doesn’t give off noxious smells or discolour with time.

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