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    Filling Wooden Floors

    Depending on your preference you may want to fill your floor. It can prevent drafts coming up from underneath the floor and it can help to make a floor look much more neat and tidy. Some people prefer to keep the gaps, they believe that filling the floor will make it look fake like laminate or lino. Each to their own, personally, we say fill it every time.


    Before you start filling you should have completed the edge sanding to a 60 or 80 grit and sanded the main body of the floor with at least 80 grit. I sand the floor to 40 grit, empty the dust bag, then sand the floor with 80 grit. That way you have only fine dust from the 80 grit.

    Our reasoning for this is that the dust is finer, it will be easier to mix and to work with. Also the filler must be sanded off the surface of the floor once it has dried and its easier to sand off the filler with 120 grit on a floor that has been sanded with 80 grit, before filling, than a floor that has been sanded with 80grit.

    We then mix this dust with our specialist Resin filler and start to fill the floor.

    Sanding off the Resin Filler

    Once the filler is dry its time to sand it off the surface with either 100 or 120 grit.We use the main sander first and the edger second. 

    Once this process is complete, it’s now time to complete the sanding and finishing process.




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