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    Floor Sanding Birmingham

    We don’t use the outdated drum sanders that are still favoured by some companies. We operate continuous belt machinery that is virtually dust-free.

    Some dust is inevitable, but we minimise this by masking/screening and frequent vacuuming.

    We also use edging sanders and fine tools to get right into the corners for complete and even sanding.

    Floor Sanding is a three-fold process:

    1. We carry out an overall sanding with a coarse-grade paper. (This will remove any old finishes as well as dents and pits in the wood surface.)
    2. Secondly we use a very Medium-textured sand paper which removes the tiniest of imperfections, leaving a clean, Smooth finish.
    3. Finally we Fine Sand the Floor. This is the last stage in the Sanding Process. We use a finishing Sander which leaves a smooth, silky finish.

    Fine Sanding and Applying the Finish

    After sanding we apply three coats of a wooden floor seal to protect the wooden floor. This is normally a primer coat and two tops coats. More coats can be added if required. This is done, again with a specialist simulated sheepskin applicator or a Junckers applicator to achieve a clean, perfect finish. At this point we don’t advise any heavy traffic or any furniture to be placed upon the floor until 24hrs after the last coat of wooden floor seal as been applied. Curing of the wooden floor seal is very important as it is the final appearance of your wooden floor. For the environment we only use water based seal and low odour lacquers and oils.

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